8 Great “Man Food” Father’s Day Recipes (Dinner, Desserts & More)

Father’s Day is June 16, 2013.  In honor of this special day, I will share 8 of the favorite “man food” Foodie City Mom recipe picks. These are the recipes that my husband, father-in-law and other local guy friends tend to enjoy the most. (If you or your significant other enjoys grilling, be sure to check back on Wednesday. I will be sharing some tips that I learned this past weekend while cooking skirt steak at the Big Apple Barbecue’s “Weber Grilling School”!)


chocolate chip cookie recipe
1. Chocolaty chocolate chip cookies

simple lemon meringue pie recipe
2. Easy lemon meringue pie

sweet potato pie
3.“Not too sweet” sweet potato pie

Main Courses:

spinach meatloaf oven
4. Easy meatloaf recipe

pan fried chicken
5. Easy Southern Pan Fried Chicken

6. Four cheese turkey lasagna

ribs in crock pot recipe
7. Ribs in crock pot
(The seasoning would work just as well with grilled ribs!)

best turkey burgers
8. The best homemade turkey burgers

If you have any recipes that are consistently “guy friendly”,  please let me know. (I do have a house full of guys! :-))

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