A 30th Birthday Celebration for Strawberry Shortcake

I co-hosted a “30th Birthday Celebration for Strawberry Shortcake” with the lovely Beth Feldman and American Greetings last week at Alice’s Tea Cup II. (Iniitally, we had planned to have the event at the whimsical, very pink Sweetipie Restaurant down in Chelsea. Unfortunately, Sweetiepie had a fire the week before our event (?!), so that was not an option.) Fortunately, we ended up in just the right place. The location worked out perfectly and everyone seemed to have a really great time as we all ate and learned a bit about the updated Strawberry Shortcake and her friends Maryoku Yummy and Twisted Whiskers. I took a lot of pictures, so you can see the slideshow below:

(I was so impressed by the caricature artist Steve Nyman. He was quick – which is essential with energetic kids – and talented. The face painter Emma also did a really good job.)

During the party, Dina, Beth and I were reminiscing about all that Strawberry Shortcake had meant to us when we were little girls. (Yes, we were aging ourselves!) There really is something powerful about that strawberry scent though. I remember going to a toy fair a year or so ago and being drawn to the Strawberry Shortcake doll. I couldn’t help myself…I just had to sniff it…and I was so happy that she smelled just like I remembered! It was great to see that this generation of little girls also enjoy Strawberry Shortcake. (The boys tended to enjoy her friend, “Twisted Whiskers” the best.) You can tune into The Hub network to catch all of these new shows. Meanwhile, here is a super-cute little video clip that Beth put together of the gathering:

I have already aged myself. Now, it is your turn. Did you have a Strawberry Shortcake Doll when you were a little girl? Do the little girls in your life enjoy playing with her today?


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