Bazooka’s Sweet Tweets Notes With Candy
(They Made Michael Smile)

Things surely do change from generation to generation. When I think of Bazooka candy, I think of the gum with the little comic strips that I ate when I was a kid. After an event that Michael and I attended on Sunday, my son will think of Sweet Tweets when Bazooka is mentioned.

We attended a lunch box clinic that was sponsored by Bazooka Candy Brands in order to introduce us to Sweet Tweets – a new candy with an emoticon design that comes attached to a little note. (What area of life hasn’t Twitter impacted?!) As Anthony Trani, a Sweet Tweets rep spoke, he made it clear that the goal is to keep people connected…and smiling. “We’re all about making people smile.”

Since parents are separated from their kids during the school day, one potential use for the cards is to place them in lunchboxes. You can write a little note on the card and stick it right in their bags or boxes. (As a mom, I wondered aloud regarding giving kids sugary candy during the school day. My initial concern was decreased due to the fact that the candy that comes with each card is only around 3 calories.) To illustrate the lunchtime appeal, we were treated to a lunchbox making class by Taste Buds. I’ll compose a future post about Taste Buds and their Bento Box Basics classic. (I shot a video that I need to edit.) However, I just wanted to let you know about these Sweet Tweet notes with candy for now.

From Michael’s response, I think that these little notes would make great occasional treats for special times when parents want to be connected with their kids. On our way home after the event, Michael smiled and said “I like the Sweet Tweets. It’s like candy and a note. Can you put one in my lunchbox one day?” I can definitely see myself sending a note to school with Michael on days that he is having a big test or just when I think that he needs some extra reassurance that I love him and that I am especially thinking about him for whatever reason. You know…I would use Sweet Tweets to put a smile on his face (again).

Photo of “worn out by the week” me and happy Michael by our wonderful hostess, Beth. (She also took the top post image.)

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  1. says

    Big Bro and I went to the 10:30 clinic and we had so much fun. He ate his bento box for lunch later in the day. I love the everyday exotic food ideas and the sweet tweets were difficult to just eat one.

  2. Anna R says

    Can you please let me know where I can purchase sweet tweets notes with candy? I’ve gone to the website and its no help, I’ve call the 800 number and no one ever answers. I live in Texas and I’m really interested in buying some sweet tweets.

    Thank you
    Anna R

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