Reinvention Weekend 2014 Recap

reinvention weekend

Yesterday, I shared about the networking reception portion of Reinvention Weekend 2014. The actual conference (keynotes, panel discussions and mentoring boot camp) was held on Saturday. I am so glad that I attended the conference, because I learned a lot. At the beginning, attendees were encouraged to write down three things that we wanted to take away from the conference. At the end of the … [Read more...]

Reinventing Yourself: Language Shifts

reinventing yourself

re·in·vent verb \ˌrē-ən-ˈvent\ : to make major changes or improvements to (something) -Meriam-Webster This past weekend, I attended Melinda Emerson's Reinvention Weekend small business conference with my good friend Angela. Although my various businesses have been consistently profitable for the last decade, I need to make some changes in order to meet my financial goals for this decade of … [Read more...]

School Morning Routine Tips (That Bring Peace!)

school morning routine tips

Names have been withheld for the protection of my little lollygagger… One of my sons marches to the beat of his own drummer. I enjoy that about him most of the time. The one block of time that I wish he could turn off that “I’m my own person and I move at my own pace” attitude is on school mornings. He likes to ease into the day and takes his time doing everything. This can be a challenge when … [Read more...]

Beautiful Sky

beautiful sky

“The sky is especially beautiful,” I commented on a ride back home to my mother’s house in Virginia. “That’s because of the rain,” my mom responded. That conversation regarding the natural connection between a beautiful sky and rain basically sums up the last month of my life. In the words of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock: Well it seems to me that Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain “The … [Read more...]

Mom in the City II

Now (2014)

It has been a while since I last posted on the site. That is because my website went down on the last day of school (June 26th) and I am just getting it back up two weeks later. Initially, I was super upset at my former web hosting company but then I realized that this was kind of my fault. I had known that I needed to switch hosts for years, but I didn’t want to be bothered. Moving thousands of … [Read more...]