Kimberly/Foodie City Mom

Kimberly Coleman, a wife and mom of two young sons, is the founder and lead blogger of Foodie City Mom. A home cook, she will share personal and family recipes along with exploring the foods and recipes of New York.  In addition, she will share her experiences living and parenting in the Big Apple.  (Prior to launching Foodie City Mom, Kimberly was known as “Mom in the City”, her former blog home from June 2005 – June 2011.)


“Healthy Choices” Columnist

A Brooklyn-based writer and mom of two, Serena Norr created her original blog Seriously Soupy as a way to learn more about  soups and to experiment with new ingredients. She also writes about healthy living and lifestyle icetopics on he
r blog Mama Goes Natural.


“Dessert First” Columnist

At Kimberly’s request, home baker Felicia Holness agreed to write a column for Foodie City Mom.  A vibrant single woman who lives and works in NYC, Kimberly has dubbed her “the beautiful baker”.  Not only is Felicia lovely (both internally and externally), but she is also one of the best bakers around!

In her words: Baking has been a passion of mine for some time.  I owe that to my mom and sister who taught me how to cook and bake while I was growing up.  Now I get to share my passion with all of you as I learn and grow as a baker. I hope that you enjoy the recipes as I explore some of the new trends in the land of sweet!