Goodbye “Mom in the City”: You’re 1 in 335 million

6/2012 Update: Based on all of your input, “Mom in the City” will now be a “parenting guide” site for city moms. I hope that you like all of the new updates!

This will be my last post on Mom in the City (as a lifestyle/personal blog). Starting tomorrow, my new (lifestly) blog home will be Foodie City Mom ( As of July 1st, Mom in the City readers will be automatically redirected to the new site. (As soon as my ex-computer programmer husband has the time to figure out how to redirect my Yahoo small business account blog over to my new domain, I will redirect this site. Meanwhile please check for all of the new posts over at Foodie City Mom. Thanks!) Over the last few months, I have been changing the content here to reflect the direction that I will be taking over there. Foodie City Mom will still be a peek at living and parenting in NYC. It will just have a stronger focus on the foods of New York. I’m especially excited that I have hired a “Healthy Choices” and “Dessert First” columnist. They will help my blogging life to be even saner…especially during the summer. (Did I mention that I’m administering the camps again this summer? Whew!) Anyway, I’m excited.

I just want to take the time to say “thank you” for being such wonderful readers. Mom in the City has been what I call a “happy accident”. Six years ago, I had no idea that my new hobby would lead to such wonderful friends, experiences and related parenting work opportunities. (Of course it has led to some great “stuff” too, but my consistent readers know that I’m adverse to clutter, so most of the “stuff” has been given away to people who would truly enjoy it the most!) I always say that there are a gazillion and one moms who live in the city, but I want to thank all of you for making this site #1.

Before ending, I just wanted to quickly answer two of the questions that I have been receiving a lot lately.

1. Why are you no longer writing at Mom in the City?

There is two parts to this answer. Primarily, I am moving on because I am at a different life stage. When I decided to stay at home with Michael, I created Mom in the City as a multicultural offline group for moms of preschool aged and younger kids. When the group became too large to continue meeting together, the website transitioned to a blog so that I could learn and grow together with my mom peers. Well, my youngest son is going to school in the fall, so now I’m ready to learn about and explore new things – primarily food – in depth. (I knew that it was time to start something new when I couldn’t stop the constant barrage of stroller and diaper bag pitches!)

The other reason is that I’m tired of my super loyal family and friends asking me about all of the new online variations of Mom in the City. For the most part, I didn’t/don’t care. Urban parents are a hot demographic and there are many moms in the city. Besides, the only person who people in the parenting industry have ever confused me with is Kimberly Allers. Since she is a renowned journalist/word genius, that is a compliment to me (a number cruncher turned information sharer).

2. What will you do with the Mom in the City site?

I really don’t know. Initially, I was going to turn it into a local parenting resource and events site since I have a lot of paid work experience in that area. After my initial research, I realized that there are 20+ similar sites covering NYC. That is too saturated a field for me! So, I’m just going to redirect the traffic over to Foodie City Mom (where I will also archive my favorite Mom in the City posts from the last six years). Mom in the City is a pretty solid url, so I’m going to keep it. I might want to do something with it later in life. I might sell it or partner with someone who has a great idea regarding how to best utilize it. Who knows? I’ll see what happens, but I will be focusing on Foodie City Mom for now.

That is it for now. Once again thank you! Over on BlogHer, there is a post entitled “My Blog Changed My Life”. I agree with the author. Mom in the City has changed my life. It has brought me new friends (readers, fellow bloggers, marketers, etc.) and opportunities. It has helped me to transition from one career (research/finance) to the next (parenting) and has also provided the opportunity for me to merge the two along the way. Most of all, it has allowed me to be the mom (and wife) that I want to be – one who fits work around her life and not vice versa (for the most part). I look forward to sharing the next chapter of our journeys together!

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  1. says

    Wow – what a fantastic post. It must be so hard to move on but look at all of the opportunities that you created for yourself that will only continue to grow with this new and exciting venture. I’m so happy to be a part of the Foodie and the City team and look forward to reading about your experiences with food!
    Serena @ Seriously Soupy´s last blog post ..Shrimp Gazpacho

  2. says

    Wow! I believe in re-invention but I think you’ll always be Mom in the City to me! Congratulaitons on your new adventure. I know you don’t change without careful thought. Much success to you. I’ve enjoyed our friendship and look forward to many more years.

  3. says

    You continue to inspire me… over and over and over again. From the day that I “met” you (and then finally in person!), I have been inspired by all that you were/are able to do with your blog. I’m SURE Foodie City Mom will be amazing because YOU are amazing.

    I’m with Maria on this one — you’ll still be “Mom In The City,” but now just so much more!
    Alicia @MommyDelicious´s last blog post ..A Cool Set of Wheelz

  4. says

    I was one of those people who followed Mom in the City for many, many years.. Not for reviews but because of the human connections you provided to Moms. I have to admit I am sad to see this site go, but I can understand.

    As individuals we never stay in the same stage for long, we are ever evolving. I’ve watched you evolve on Mom in the City and I will continue to do so on your new site, Foodie in the City.

    Felicidades!/ Congrats!

  5. says

    All I can say is blessing to you.. I’ve learn so many things on your blogs… Good luck on your new site. Looking forward to visit it in the future. Kudos to you!

  6. says

    I will miss your blogs in “Mom in the city” . I have always been an avid reader of your blogs but this is my 1st time to comment though. I might be too late to say that I did enjoy your previous write-ups . They are full of wit and information. Sadly, I have to say goodbye to your daily updates since this will be your last blog. But I will still be looking forward to your upcoming new blog site. I’m sure I will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed your articles here.
    Mich@eLingerie Spot´s last blog post ..Full Figure Bras

  7. Lola T says

    Hey congrats, I know it is really important for someone to have always a a change and their is some experience is also I have something to day All the very best for your new blog. I shall stay in touch with you on your new Blog.
    Lola T´s last blog post ..Dieta del alpiste

  8. Stephan Hilson says

    Congratulations on having a new website. I wonder if you are going to share some interesting recipes since you’ve indicated that the new website will have a stronger focus on the foods of New York. I wish your columnist could share instant and easy-to-do recipes. Maybe I should check out your new website to see it for myself.
    Stephan Hilson´s last blog post ..Forfait mobile le moins cher

  9. Sandra says

    I understand your reasons for leaving. It is great that you are open to change and prepared to take on a brand new challenge. I am sure your new site will also be on top. I accompany you in your journey to grow and learn more.
    Sandra´s last blog post to flirt with a girl

  10. Sarah says

    You were amazing here in Mom in the City and you will be as amazing in your new site. I feel glad knowing about your fun experiences in here. It is great how open you are to change. I am excited for you. Continue to inspire us and enjoy what you’re doing.
    Sarah´s last blog post to get a girl to like you

  11. says

    And this is STILL not redirecting all these months later?

    You need to find someone else besides your ex to do the work for you!!

    I guess all good things have their season….I’ve only briefly checked out your new site, but it seems just as interesting, though the focus is definitely different.

    Best of success to you!

  12. says

    Good to know that you will still be making blogs. I also have a kid that is as same age as yours. Hopefully you can also help me in choosing the right meals for him everyday.

  13. says

    I just found your blog via Google and sorry to see that you are not blogging any more. I really enjoyed reading some of your work and best of luck in the future.

  14. Stuart Mcdonald says

    I’m glad that you are not giving up blogging completely. There are so many other opportunities for you. I’m sure you’ll make the most of those opportunities.
    Best wishes.
    Stuart Mcdonald´s last blog post to get a girlfriend

  15. Danica James says

    Congratulations for being the number 1. But do you really have to leave? It pains many readers and fans of I wish you well though.

    Danica James´s last blog post ..How To Pick Up Girls

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