Best Halloween Books for Young Kids

I definitely enjoy watching Halloween movies with my family. However, some of the movies – even the milder ones – can be too scary for young kids. Fun, “not too scary” Halloween books are perfect. Below, are my top 10 picks for kids ages 2 and up. Enjoy!

1. By the Light of the Halloween Moon (Ages 6 and up)

A little girl’s toe is the initial object of attraction to a cat, a witch, a ghost and others in this popular Halloween book.

2. Halloween Night (Ages 4 and up)

Zombies, banshees and mummies prepare to celebrate Halloween in this rhyming vividly illustrated book.

3. In the Haunted House (Ages 4 and up)

A child favorite, this wonderfully illustrated rhyming book follows two sets of feet (in sneakers) as they travel through a haunted house…if the house is truly haunted!

4. Room on the Broom (Ages 4 and up)

This fun book follows a witch and her cat (who pick up a dog, a frog and a bird) as they fly on a broomstick ride adventure.

5. Scary, Scary Halloween (Ages 4 and up)

This book is not as scary as the title would have you believe. It’s actually quite a cute tale of a mother cat and her kittens communicating as they watch a group of trick-or-treaters (who are dressed as monsters) pass by.

6. Tell Me a Scary Story…But Not Too Scary! (Book & CD) (Preschool and up)

This New York Times bestseller was written by director/comedy writer Carl Reiner. It follows the adventure of a young boy and his monster-creating neighbor.

7. The Hallo-wiener (Ages 4 up)

Oscar, a tiny dachshund, is the main character in this popular children’s book. Although the other dogs tease him, Oscar ends up saving the day on Halloween…while he is dressed up as a hot dog!

8. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (Ages 4 and up)

Another fun kid favorite, this book is about a lady who is followed home by various noisy items of clothing and a pumpkin head. She tells each item, “I’m not afraid of you,” but is she afraid?

9. Too Many Pumpkins (Ages 5 and up)

The main character, an elderly woman named Rebecca Estelle, hates pumpkins because they remind her of growing up during the Great Depression. After accidentally growing a full crop of pumpkins, will she learn to love the gourds again?

10. Tucker’s Spooky Halloween (Ages 2 and up)

The main character of this book, a dog named Tucker, is determined not to be dressed up in a cute outfit for Halloween…like he had been in past years. He rejects the costumes that his owner tries to put on him and ultimately comes up with his own “scary” costume.

These are my top picks. Did I miss any of your family favorites? In any event, Halloween is a great opportunity to check some of these books out from the library, buy them at a local bookstore or online. (Amazon, one of my affiliate partners, has their own listing of bestselling Children’s Halloween Books .)

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