THE LEGO MOVIE Build Challenge

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

I have a habit of sharing family fun related press emails with the boys to see which ones interest them. A couple of weeks ago, they read one email subject: “Invite: THE LEGO® MOVIE Build Challenge” and automatically said, “Yes! We want to do that!”

As part of the challenge, we were sent a LEGO set as well as a couple of tees and a poster. For the challenge, they had one week to build the set. The boys discussed which set they wanted. Since we already had a busy week planned, they chose the one with the least amount of pieces – The LEGO Movie Melting Room with 122 pieces. I think that they underestimated themselves though. They ended up building the kit in less than an hour. Michael then chose to make a little “movie” snippet using the LEGO Movie Maker app that he had found and downloaded on my phone.

LEGO MOVIE Build Challenge

LEGO Movie Melting Room

The whole point of the challenge was to get the kids excited about THE LEGO MOVIE that is being released this Friday, February 7th. It worked. Sean was already excited to see it, but now Michael wants to see it too. You can see THE LEGO MOVIE trailer below:

Are your kids LEGO fans? Are they excited to see this upcoming movie?

Disclosure: Thanks to Warner Bros. for providing my family with the challenge items and passes to THE LEGO MOVIE.

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