Mommy Poppins’ Ships, Sails and Tales of the Sea

Ships, Sails and Tales of the Sea

Credit: Mommy Poppins

I have mentioned my friend Anna’s Mommy Poppins site often. It really is one of my favorite places to find comprehensive NYC family activities and events. Last month, Sean and I were Anna’s guests on a “Ships, Sails and Tales of the Sea with Bill Gordh & Manhattan by Sail” event that she hosted. We had a fun, relaxing time as the Clipper City Tall Ship sailed through the New York Harbor.

Sean especially loves being “media” for events like this! The actual sailing (the breeze felt so nice on a hot, summer day) from the South Street Seaport was great. Seeing the Statue of Liberty up close was also a treat. The highlight for Sean though was storyteller Bill Gordh. Sean was totally enthralled as Bill sang, told stories and played his banjo during the 90-minute sail. We both came home singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. It was such a catchy tune!

I think that there was a scavenger hunt by New-York Historical Society’s DiMenna Children’s History Museum. Some of the ship staff was also teaching the kids some nautical skills (knot tying, and hoisting the sails) and there was some face painting, but Sean didn’t want to wait in line and miss Bill. Really, his eyes and ears were glued to that man. You can get a glimpse of the cruise below:


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