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Terhune Orchards Fall Festival

Every year, my family goes apple picking. We normally go to DuBois Farms in Highland, NY but this year we went with a group of friends to a new spot.  We went to Terhune Orchards Fall Festival (in Princeton, New Jersey) on Saturday and had a great time. There was pumpkin picking, country music, a corn maze and more. (Apple picking was also available at their main farm that was … [Read More...]

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book gift ideas for boys

8+ Boy-Approved Book Gift Ideas

A Facebook friend recently shared a link to The Percy Jackson Problem, an article in The New Yorker. Basically, the author explores two different reading philosophies for kids - “just so long as they’re reading” versus “the kind of book does make a difference” camps. It’s an … [Read More...]

stir fry dinner party

Stir Fry Dinner Party

A few weeks ago, three married couples came over to our home to eat with my family. Since there were various diet restrictions (various meat and no grains), I made it a “make your own stir fry dinner party" night. I put several vegetables, meats and a large bowl of brown … [Read More...]

reinvention weekend

Reinvention Weekend 2014 Recap

Yesterday, I shared about the networking reception portion of Reinvention Weekend 2014. The actual conference (keynotes, panel discussions and mentoring boot camp) was held on Saturday. I am so glad that I attended the conference, because I learned a lot. At the beginning, … [Read More...]

reinventing yourself

Reinventing Yourself: Language Shifts

re·in·vent verb \ˌrē-ən-ˈvent\ : to make major changes or improvements to (something) -Meriam-Webster This past weekend, I attended Melinda Emerson's Reinvention Weekend small business conference with my good friend Angela. Although my various businesses have been … [Read More...]