Jack Frost Brings the Fun to Rise of the Guardians

My husband and sons went to see an advance screening of Rise of the Guardians (that opens on November 21st) this past weekend. We had already seen an exhibit based on the art of the movie and the trailer, so they went into the screening thinking that they already knew which of the key characters that they would like the most. Here’s the trailer:

They were wrong! Sean, my 5-year-old, ended up liking Sandy (the Sandman) character the most. He liked the Sandman because “the Boogeyman (Pitch) was scared of him”. My husband Reggie and Michael, my 8-year-old son, both liked Jack Frost best of all. They enjoyed his mischievous, playful personality and childlike spirit. The fact that Jack wanted to make sure that everyone had fun/a good time appealed to them. Reggie also liked the deeper themes that Jack Frost’s character presented – how he was trying to find his purpose; how he persevered in fighting for his friends; and how he became a hero without even realizing his own strength (although others saw his potential before he did). To top it all off, Jack Frost scored guy points for having a “cool staff”.

In any event, my family really enjoyed this film and is plotting when they will see it again. If you happen to see the Rise of the Guardians, I’d love to hear which character ends up being your favorite.

{Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation}

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