Enhance the soundtrack to your life with SOL REPUBLIC headphones
(Review and $129.99 Value Giveaway)

Congrats to the winner: Migdalia

Work style: without makeup/undone hairstyle/bopping to the music

I love working from home. The post image is a reflection of how I spend a chunk of my day – listening to background music on my Macbook Pro while I research and write. Although I’m at home by myself, the walls in our home are thin, so I don’t want to bother my neighbors. That is why I wear headphones. For a while, I was listening to a music playlist on Pandora, but recently I have been listening to my “Daily Inspirations” playlist on YouTube. Every time that I hear an inspirational song that I like, I just add it to my playlist. I listen to the songs on a loop so that I can stay motivated! Anyway, SOL REPUBLIC recently reached out to me to see if I would like to do a review and giveaway of a pair of their headphones. Since I actually had new headphones on my holiday wish list (since I wear them so much and my poor old pair was getting worn out), I was happy to accept their offer.

Before I agreed to work with them, I did a quick search of some of my favorite tech sites to see whether or not it was worth my (and your!) time for me to do so. Both the CNET review and Gizmodo review wrote that the headphones provide great sound quality at a reasonable price point. Quality and value are both important to me, so I’m happy to report that I had a similar view of the Tracks REMIX headphones that I reviewed. I chose the purple band, black speakers and white cable as a nod to the original colors of the Mom in the City site…almost 8 years ago! The pieces came in the box as separate pieces but it was easy to put the three parts together in order to make the headphone unit.

I’m not a sound expert, but I know what sounds good and what sounds bad. These headphones both sounded and looked good. They were also very comfortable on my ears. In fact, they were so great that my husband Reggie said that he wanted a pair. You all know how this story ends, right? Right. Since it just so happened to be the week of his birthday when the headphones arrived, I gave them to him. (Reggie is right…”Santa Claus” would be the perfect “job” for me!)

Obviously the SOL REPUBLIC headphones would make a great holiday gift – for you or your loved ones. SOL REPUBLIC has several different headphone styles, but I really like the REMIX option the best. The pieces are interchangeable so you can switch things up based on the headband, cable and sound engine speaker colors that you choose. (My next pair would have an emerald green headband like Pantone’s 2013 color of the year/the color that I’m going to use on the Mom in the City site for 2013.)

Here’s the fun part…SOL REPUBLIC is giving one lucky Mom in the City reader their own set of customized Tracks REMIX headphones. (If you don’t want to customize your own set, you also have the option of choosing a pair of their Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones. To enter to win the giveaway, leave a comment telling me something that is on your 2013 holiday wish list. For an additional entry, leave a comment sharing your favorite song of 2013. I will pick a winner on December 15th at noon (EST). Good luck!

{Disclosure: I was compensated for working on this promotion, but (as always) my thoughts and opinions are not for sale.}

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  1. Craig B says

    A new song I like is Gold – Bondax. It’s not officially released on iTunes until January 2013, but I still like the chill feel

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