Welcome Wummelbox to the US (with a special discount code!)

Last Friday, I took my sons to a fun event hosted by my dear friend Nancy. Held at Sugar Shop in Brooklyn, the event welcomed Wummelbox, a German arts and crafts subscription service to the US. It was great to have a family evening composed of crafts, candy and MOOBURGER. Sean’s synopsis: “Daddy, I’m sorry that you missed it. You would have really had a good time.”

Sugar Shop (in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn) is such a gem of a candy store. It was bright and colorful with a wide variety of candy. My kids were in candy heaven. I really do need to venture outside of Manhattan and my Queens neighborhood much more. Brooklyn has some really great spots!

I had to (literally!) pull my kids away from the candy since we were there to learn about the Wummelbox kits. The company recently launched their business in the US in December. Philippa Pauen, the founder shared about the service that is geared towards kids who are ages 3 – 7, the monthly boxes each contain three projects. There were several things that I liked about the project that we did at the event.

1. Everything that we needed was in the box (including glue and scissors).

2. The materials seemed to be of a good quality. (I love being an American, but I must admit that at times other countries have higher standards in materials. Sorry!)

3. It provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to complete the project.

Overall, I really liked the product. In theory, I like their three-fold process (experts-parents-kids) that the boxes are passed through. It still needs a little bit of work though. Although they were pleased at the end, my kids weren’t initially happy about how much work it took to keep the things glued on for the kaleidoscope. It wasn’t just them though. I need to “get help” from the creators to make sure that we were doing it the right way. (Perhaps stronger glue is needed?) Also, one of the images wasn’t consistent with the written directions for one of the steps. If you have visual kids like I do, then that will cause a pause in the process – as you try to explain to follow the directions, not the picture. (Or maybe that’s just my kids. They like to keep me on my toes!) In any event, the good definitely far outweighed the couple of “hitches”. I also appreciated that the founder was really open to input and constructive criticism. That makes me believe that this company will go far. In any event, it all worked out in the end and the boys were pleased with their kaleidoscope creations.

In the midst of all of our “hard” work, we had the chance to eat some delicious food from MOOBURGER in Brooklyn. With sliders, three types of fries and chicken fingers on the menu, the kids were very happy. I was too. I had never tried zucchini fries before. I liked them so much that I’m going to need to make a homemade version of them! The icing on the cake was that I was able to catch up a bit with some of my fellow blogger friends – Candice, Jessica, Maria, Monica , and Serena. I agree with Sean…I had a really good time. (Thanks Nancy!)

I think that the Wummelbox makes a great gift…for your own kid or for the other kids in your life. You can find more details on the Wummelbox website. Boxes start at $23.95 a month but if you like what you see, then be certain to enter the code “Mominthecity” when you order. It will give you a 20% discount on your “Little Wummel” (3 month) subscription. Just be aware that this discount expires on February 16th. Enjoy!

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