Universal Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten in NYC: A Tale of Two Trains

nyc pre-k parent blogger roundtable

Last Friday I attended a roundtable discussion with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, First Lady Charlayne Machray and several different parent blogger colleagues at City Hall. The discussion was primarily focused on universal full day pre-k in NYC. While the press has made this event out to be a time when the mayor was speaking to a group of parents who already approved of his plans, that is simply not true. Just like with any other gathering … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out with Mommy Poppins

Google play Screenshot

I attended the Mommy Poppins App launch party at the Tribeca Grand last night. While it was officially a celebration of the launch of the app, more importantly I was there to celebrate my friend Anna Fader. After leaving corporate America, Anna launched the Mommy Poppins website seven years ago...and NYC parents are so glad that she did! I have mentioned Mommy Poppins before on this site many times. It is my favorite comprehensive NYC … [Read more...]

Lessons in Parenting and History
(Mr. Peabody & Sherman Movie Review)

mr peabody and sherman movie

Mr. Peabody & Sherman comes out this Friday, March 7th, in theaters. My family and I along with approximately 10 other Mom in the City reader families were treated to an advance screening of the movie a couple of weeks ago. From the feedback that I received, every family enjoyed the movie. While different aspects of the movie resonated with the different kids and parents, we all had a really great time. If you haven’t seen the preview for the … [Read more...]

7 Gift Ideas for 7-Year Old Boys

7 Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

Sean’s birthday party went really well. He was very happy with his birthday presents too. There are different schools of thought regarding whether or not to open presents at kids’ parties. I don’t think that there is a “right” answer, but we wait until the kids get home to open them. As I told Sean, “Focus on your friends PRESENCE, not the presents at the party.” Fortunately for Sean, he also received some cool presents this year. As such, below … [Read more...]

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

chuck e cheese party

My youngest son Sean turned seven on Saturday. Our sons get a birthday party every two years and this just so happened to be the year that he had one. The timing was a little crazy because we also moved last week, but it all worked out well. That is because Sean had asked to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I didn’t need to do much. I ordered the package online. It included food and drinks, game tokens, a party host and more. I … [Read more...]