Vanity Fair Lift Bra and #LiftTOUR

vanity fair lift bra and lifttour

I support women who… Last month, Vanity Fair invited me to attend the kick off of their national LiftTOUR. I was happy to stop by and learn how this bra company (which I have praised in the past) is working with Dress for Success (a charity that I have also admired in the past). The LiftTOUR is focused on giving two types of “lifts” - there is the Vanity Fair Lift bra / bras (fit) and Continue Reading

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review:
Is it Safe for Kids?

Credit: Marvel

My family recently attended a media advanced screening of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. To my pleasant surprise, I loved the movie! Several months ago when the first movie trailers for this movie came out, I thought that it looked silly. I had told Reggie and the kids that they could go and see it without me when it came out. My husband Reggie said, "It's going to be either really good or Continue Reading

Treat House has some amazing Rice Krispie Treats variations

treat house rice krispie treats variations

If your kids (or you!) like Rice Krispie treats variations, then you want to know about Treat House. Recently, the Upper West Side of Manhattan company sent me a package of their little treats to test out. They are SO good. When I posted the images to social media, a friend commented that they were pricey ($2.50 for each little square). Is $2.50 a lot for a treat?  I actually don’t think that is a Continue Reading

Blogger Bash 2014 Highlights

Bloganthropy at Blogger Bash

Recently, I bought a ticket to Blogger Bash 2014, a networking summit. It was great to see several of my blogging friends n one place as well as to see several of the brand reps that I have worked with over the years. I think that you get out of blogging conferences what you expect and put into them. I already have relationships with the majority of the brands that participated n the conference, Continue Reading

Mom in the City II

Now (2014)

It has been a while since I last posted on the site. That is because my website went down on the last day of school (June 26th) and I am just getting it back up two weeks later. Initially, I was super upset at my former web hosting company but then I realized that this was kind of my fault. I had known that I needed to switch hosts for years, but I didn’t want to be bothered. Moving thousands of Continue Reading