Top 8 Minecraft Gifts for Boys

Minecraft Gifts for Boys (Figures, Hangers, Etc.)

I noticed that several readers have been searching the Mom in the City site for ideas for Minecraft gifts for boys. Since I happen to have a Minecraft-loving son, I asked him and several of my mom friends for their gift pick ideas. Below, are the top 8 Minecraft gifts for boys (2014): Top Picks: 1. Minecraft Game: You can choose to get the pocket edition, computer (Windows, … [Read More...]

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my family

My Family

The school winter concerts have begun. It's so cute to hear the kids sing the various songs that they have been practicing at home. I went to see Sean's second grade class perform three songs today and my favorite performance was "My Family" by Teresa Jennings. Enjoy! … [Read More...]

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Grammarly Is A Great Start

I noticed that several of my Facebook friends have liked the Grammarly.com grammar checker page. That is why I was interested in testing out the tool when the company’s rep reached out to me. As a blogger, I write a lot for both this site and my brand clients. I also create … [Read More...]

What To Get A 7-Year-Old Boy For Christmas 2014

What To Get A 7-Year-Old Boy For Christmas 2014

I am definitely in the “give them what they want within reason” gift camp for birthdays and Christmas. After reading various hot toy lists and having the kids and their friends review many items, below are Sean and my top picks for 2014. (I left off his “eyeglass case” and … [Read More...]