Best Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe Without Buttermilk

Ask 10 different people (with southern roots) how to cook fried chicken and you will probably get 10 different answers. Personally, I use a fried chicken recipe without buttermilk or egg most of the time. Some Southerners use an egg wash while others don’t. Some put a cover on the frying pan while the chicken … Read More

Easy Southern Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Easy Southern Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Do you prefer mashed potatoes or rice? I am definitely in the mashed potatoes camp. That is why I’m sharing how to make a creamy Southern mashed potatoes recipe from scratch. Growing up in Virginia, mashed potatoes were a staple in my family. I only remember eating rice when we ordered Chinese food. Unfortunately, I’m … Read More

Laura's Secret apple pie recipe

Laura’s Secret Apple Pie Recipe

It has become a family tradition that I bake “my guys” an apple pie after we go apple picking, so I made one yesterday.  Last year, I used a recipe from one of Reggie’s former bosses (Laura) because he claimed that it was the “best apple pie ever”.  This year, I revisited the recipe and … Read More

Simple Southern Candied Yams Recipe

I don’t make many soul food recipes now, because I already make the ones that my family and friends enjoy the most. I like creating new recipes though so I asked my Easy Soul Food Recipes Facebook friends what they wanted to learn how to make in 2024. One answer was candied yams. I usually … Read More

Crispy Air Fryer Bacon Recipe

Recently, a(nother) friend talked to me about going vegan. As I told her, “That’s great for you.” I don’t plan on going vegan this year though for various reasons but also… bacon. After that conversation, I wondered how easy it would be to make air fryer bacon. The answer: Very. If (like me) you appreciate … Read More

air fryer boneless chicken thighs recipe

Crispy Air Fryer Boneless Chicken Thighs Recipe

I usually cook one or two chicken dishes a week. On busy nights, I like to make air fryer boneless chicken thighs because they are flavorful and take less than half an hour to both prepare and cook.  I prefer chicken thighs because they produce “crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside” chicken. … Read More

Easy Bone-In Air Fryer Pork Chops

Easy 3-Ingredient Air Fryer Pork Chops Recipe

As we enter the New Year, I hope to share more quick and easy meal ideas – especially air fryer recipes. Please keep sending me your recipe requests and I will prepare them. For instance, a reader asked about pork loin chops so I am sharing a recipe for air fryer pork chops that is … Read More

black-eyed peas sooul food recipe

Southern Slow Cooker Black-Eyed Peas Recipe With Bacon

There are a couple of foods that people with southern roots eat on New Year’s Day. These classic New Year’s Day dishes include collard greens and black-eyed peas. That is why I am sharing a Southern slow cooker black-eyed peas recipe. This easy recipe is delicious and perfect for fellow busy moms. I thought that … Read More

Grandma Julia's Easy Chicken Stew Recipe

Grandma Julia’s Easy Chicken Stew Recipe

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic about food lately. As loved ones get older and pass away, I realize the important links that food brings to certain memories. Food connects us to special times and people. That is why it is good to share family recipes like the easy chicken stew recipe that I … Read More