How to Make Easy French Toast Without Milk

How to Make French Toast without Milk - Easy French toast recipe for when you are out of milk or cream

Have you noticed that you go through a lot more groceries when your kids are home for school breaks? We do! My sons don’t normally have specific breakfast requests but last week they asked for French toast so I made an easy French toast without milk.

Since I already had a basic French toast recipe, I agreed. After going to the refrigerator, I realized that the milk had expired. (We don’t drink milk a lot.) I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store so  I made a couple of changes to my original easy French toast recipe.

We ended up actually liking this version better. In case you don’t have (or like) milk and cream, you can make a French toast without those ingredients by using this recipe too. (As an alternative, if you’re in the NYC area, go to brunch at NORMA’S at Le Parker Meridien. They have the BEST Crunchy French Toast with warm caramel sauce!) 

Easy French Toast

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