stir fry dinner party

Stir Fry Dinner Party

A few weeks ago, three married couples came over to our home to eat with my family. Since there were various diet restrictions (various meat and no grains), I made it a “make your own stir fry dinner party" night. I put several vegetables, meats and a large bowl of brown rice on the table along with various cooking oils and soy sauce. It was a hit! The great thing about … [Read More...]

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reinvention weekend

Reinvention Weekend 2014 Recap

Yesterday, I shared about the networking reception portion of Reinvention Weekend 2014. The actual conference (keynotes, panel discussions and mentoring boot camp) was held on Saturday. I am so glad that I attended the conference, because I learned a lot. At the beginning, … [Read More...]

reinventing yourself

Reinventing Yourself: Language Shifts

re·in·vent verb \ˌrē-ən-ˈvent\ : to make major changes or improvements to (something) -Meriam-Webster This past weekend, I attended Melinda Emerson's Reinvention Weekend small business conference with my good friend Angela. Although my various businesses have been … [Read More...]

school morning routine tips

School Morning Routine Tips (That Bring Peace!)

Names have been withheld for the protection of my little lollygagger… One of my sons marches to the beat of his own drummer. I enjoy that about him most of the time. The one block of time that I wish he could turn off that “I’m my own person and I move at my own pace” … [Read More...]

october nyc events

10 October NYC Events for Families with Sons

It's October...and it definitely feels like it outside. I happen to love the cool Autumn weather, so I'm excited about this month and all of the activities that comes with it. In case you need some family friendly ideas for fun things to do this month, below are my top 10 … [Read More...]