New Outback Steakhouse Brooklyn Giveaway

new outback steahouse brooklyn

While I enjoy cooking and eating at home, my family treasures when we get to eat at restaurants - whether they are casual or "fancy".  I must say that the boys tend to like chain restaurants the best. One of the restaurants that we all enjoy is Outback Steakhouse. While the restaurant is best known for grilled steaks, chicken and seafood overall, I usually get the shrimp. Reggie gets ribs and the Continue Reading

Facebook Favorite: Stand Up Dad

Jimm Gaffigan Stand Up Dad

I don't have four kids and I didn't give birth at home. However, I couldn't stop laughing at this "4 Kids" video snippet that a friend shared on Facebook earlier this week. Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! Continue Reading

10 Free Online Math Games for 2nd Grade Students

Free Online Math Games for 2nd Grade

My son Sean has the best second grade teacher. (Michael loved having her as his second grade teacher too.) She goes out of her way to make math fun for the kids. During the holiday break, she sent home a list of almost 20 websites where we could find free online math games for 2nd grade. Below are ten favorites: 10 Sites with Free Online Math Games for 2nd Grade 1. - "Kids Educational Continue Reading

15 Favorite Black History Month Recipes

black history month recipes

Updated; originally posted 2/2014 Several people have started to search the site for Black History Month recipes. As such, I am posting this updated compilation of my favorite recipes from the African diaspora... As I have written in the past, you can tell a lot about a culture and its history by exploring its food. What is now typically called “soul food” had its roots in African staples Continue Reading