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What to Order for Brunch at Norma’s NYC

Recently, a great friend wanted to celebrate our birthdays together over brunch in midtown. I suggested NORMA'S at Le Parker Meridien and it turned out to be a great pick. Since I had never been to Norma’s before, I arrived a bit early to look around … [Read More...]

Why I don’t let my kids go out in the sun without kids sunglasses

Michael loves his "no prescription/just UV protection" gift glasses from the event! "Don't forget to take your sunglasses!" This is the phrase that my kids have been hearing me say practically every sunny day since I attended a LensCrafters … [Read More...]

You Don’t Have to Be British to Celebrate National Smile Month

May 19th to June 19th is Britain's "National Smile Month". You don't have to be British to celebrate though. I reached out to my friends at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) to see if there were any new dental recommendations since I … [Read More...]

KISS Tips for Easy Family Travel Planning

The “Keep it simple and straightforward” version of the KISS principle is one of my favorite sayings. It’s my approach to practically every area of life…including family travel planning. That is why KISS was the first thing to pop into my mind when I … [Read More...]

Dad-Approved Father’s Day Recipes

I polled some of my favorite dads to find out their favorite home cooked foods. To my surprise (not really!) there were no vegetables on the list. ☺ Below are the top eight: 1. Baked macaroni and cheese 2. Four cheese turkey lasagna 3. … [Read More...]