Madagascar 3 and Central Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday, Sean and I went to an advanced screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted that was hosted by Paramount/DreamWorks Animation. The movie was really funny. I think that it shares a great message regarding discovering that what you think that you want so badly can actually turn out not to be what you really want after all. (Sometimes your desires change as you grow and experience new adventures in life!) If you take your kids, just be ready to hear the catchy Madagascar Polka Dot Afro song…over and over and over again! :-)

After the movie screening, there was an after-party at Central Park Zoo, where the kids enjoyed a boxed lunch and an animal-filled scavenger hunt. I really like themed activities for kids that go along with the movies that they watch, so I think that this was the perfect pairing. If you live in NYC and are seeing one of the Madagascar movies with your kids, doing your own little scavenger hunt at Central Park Zoo afterwards would be fun! (It would be even better if a group of family friends did it together!)  In any event, below are five highlights from our outing…

Lemurs of Madagascar

Gus the polar bear
(He was MIA during the scavenger hunt, but I took a picture of him back in 2009.)

Penguins at Central Park Zoo

Delacorte Clock

Feeding the Goats at Central Park Children’s Zoo

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