How to cook white rice (in a pot on the stove)

Last week, a friend asked on Facebook why rice was so hard to make on a stovetop. I laughed because I have had this conversation with several friends before. I’m not a “rice” person. I’m more of a mashed potatoes lover. However, my husband and sons love rice, so I know how to make it. My husband Reggie was actually the person who taught me how to cook rice on a stove. He taught me shortly after we were married. (Prior to that time, I had only cooked rice in a rice cooker while working in a Chinese food restaurant as a teen.)

Anyway, it was interesting to see some of the reactions to my friend’s post.  Some of his friends encouraged him to purchase a rice cooker or steamer. Others sang the praises of rice in a bag. My favorite comment though was that “making rice actually requires a PhD”. Well, today, I’m going to give out PhDs in making rice on a stovetop :-)! Some things are easier to show than tell, so that’s why I included a short video to demonstrate how easy it can be to cook rice on a stovetop.