Brené Brown’s TED Talk (You’re Welcome…)

If you are not aware of Brené Brown or TED Talks yet, remedy that immediately. Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, has spent a decade studying the topic of vulnerability. TED Talks are video taped talks from some of the world’s most brilliant people from a variety of fields…and they are shared for FREE online. I love them. When I’m folding laundry, I have to “elevate” the experience by either listening to my favorite music or listening to educational, inspiring audio or video messages in the background… like TED Talks. What can I say? It helps me not to hate laundry! Whatever works…

Brené Brown’s TED Talk onThe power of vulnerability” is especially inspiring. If you are like me (the “strong one”…even during the times when you’re not feeling particularly strong), you MUST take the time to see this video. I have been talking about it with girlfriends and we all agree that it is one of those “conversations” that change your mindset (and your life view) in a positive way…if you allow it to do so.  You’re welcome :-)

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