Disney Infinity Toy Box Tips: Gameplay, Power Discs & More

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Earlier this year, I asked whether the highly anticipated Disney Infinity game would simply be a merger of Minecraft and Skylanders. Well, I found out this past Saturday when my family was invited to a Disney Infinity event at the Nintendo World Store. At the “Hack-A-Thon”, our family had the chance to use the Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity with our very own Disney coach. Our coach happened to be Disney Infinity’s Associate Producer, Matt Solie. (How cool is that?!) Anyway, while Disney Infinity has some similarities to Minecraft and Skylanders plus a sprinkle of Little Big Planet, it is in a category all of its own. My sons loved the game and I think that it is a fun way for kids and parents to play together in a creative way.

In addition to the coaching and gaming, sketch artists drew our kids’ favorite Infinity characters (Tonto and Sulley). Also, since the event was held at Nintendo, we were gifted a Wii U version of the Disney Infinity game at the end of the event. It really was a fun, family day.

disney sketch artist

Are your kids excited about Disney Infinity? If so, below are some notes that I scribbled down about all of the cool things that can be done in Toy Box Mode…

Coach Matt

Coach Matt

1. You can create your own world.
-The game is considered a robust logic toy – a kind that teaches basic programming with their “if, then” systems. It’s simple and intuitive.

-In the Toy Box, the magic wand is the key to everything. It allows you to move, edit and change the world.

-There are 1,200 toys in Toy Box mode.

-You can buy power disks that provide different effects for the various chosen characters, in blind packs (you don’t know which powers you will get – much like with tradable card games).

2. You can also make your own games.
-You can play split-screen online in Toy Box mode. Up to 4 people can play…all working together or on different things at the same time.

-Another key thing (for iPad users only for now) is the Toy Box app. With it, parents can create, play and edit their Toy Box on the go. They can upload their creations from wherever they are and their kids can download the creations at home on their Disney Infinity using a (free) Disney ID.

3. There is also user-generated content available.
-Users can upload games that they create. Disney curates them and puts the best on their server. The great thing is that this user-generated content is then available by download to other users for free. Even better, this user content is console agnostic (can be used across gaming platforms, not just on the platform that was used to create it).

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