Do you read parenting books?

My husband Reggie and I were having a discussion recently about parenting books. I think that most parents read them while he thinks that most parents don’t read them. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle!

I primarily read non-fiction books, so I have read various pregnancy and parenting books since before the kids were born. I take them all with a grain of salt, because every pregnancy and child is different. However, I find them to be most helpful in regards to helping me to have age-appropriate expectations of my two sons. (Our discussion had come up because some close friends who are parents had basically convinced themselves that their child was “difficult” when in reality the child really is not. The vast majority of the behavior that they were describing totally fell in the realm of “normal” age-appropriate behavior!)

Anyway, I recently joined the online parenting book club of my friend Isabel (Alpha Mom). If you like parenting books, I definitely recommend that you join the Alpha Mom Parenting Book Club. I especially like this month’s pick, Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman’s NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children. I was super impressed by Chris Jordan’s ability to summarize the book in one post over on Alpha Mom. Check it out! Meanwhile, I’m going to write my thoughts chapter by chapter since I really do learn best when I’m planning on sharing what I learn with others. I’ll keep you posted…and one of you can have the copy of the book that I bought at the end. (We already need to get a new bookshelf to accommodate the books that we currently own, because the two in our home are overflowing!)

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