Easy Red Velvet Waffle Recipe From Scratch (A Valentine’s Day Breakfast)

Easy Red Velvet Waffle Recipe From Scratch (A Valentine's Day Breakfast)

Valentine’s Day is next Friday. If you enjoy wearing red and eating red-colored foods on Valentine’s Day, then you’ll love this easy red velvet waffle recipe.

This particular recipe is not from my personal collection. It is actually from a new cookbook author, Lori Rogers known as Chef Lorious. Her first book of comfort food recipes is called CALIBAMA COOKING . Calibama is a combination of California (where she was born) and Alabama (where she was raised).

Many of the recipes look like they result in some delicious food! Her red velvet waffle recipe from scratch seems like it would help produce the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast for your loved ones. Enjoy!

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Recipe and photo (which has been adapted) reprinted with permission from CALIBAMA COOKING by Chef Lorious; Chef Lorious Media/November 2019