Simple Air Fryer Hot Dogs Recipe (Chicago Dog Version Included)

Sometimes, I go down a rabbit hole when it comes to food. That is what happened when I started out with a simple air fryer hot dogs recipe.


Not only do I enjoy eating food and cooking for loved ones, but I also enjoy reading about food topics. Last month, I read The Takeout‘s “America Is Ready for Its Great National Hot Dog Chain” post. The post mentioned two small hot dog chains, Portillo’s and Wienerschnitzel, so I visited their websites.

Both chains featured a Chicago Dog – something that I had never heard about. My husband enjoys hot dogs so I decided that if I was going to make hot dogs in the air fryer then I would “elevate” them by making Chicago-style hot dogs.

Chicago-style hot dog recipe using air fryer hot dogs

Whether you want to make a quick and easy basic hot dog in the air fryer or a Chicago-style hot dog, this post will guide you through the steps.

Air Fryer Hot Dogs Recipe

air fryer hot dogs
hot dogs in air fryer with toasted buns

Now, that you know how long you should cook Nathan’s hot dogs in an air fryer, let’s move on to making a Chicago-style hot dog.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs Recipe

Recipe Notes

-You can make small slits on each side of the hot dog with a knife before cooking. I don’t and they come out fine – they still cook evenly and don’t burst.

-Poppy seed hot dog buns are ideal for Chicago dogs, but I couldn’t find them. (Regular or pretzel hot dog buns are also used though.)


I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious flavor of the Chicago hot dog with its various toppings – especially the sport peppers. I think that your family and friends will love these hot dogs too.

Now, what else can I make with the leftover celery salt? Hmmm…

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