Five Traditional Ways for Families to Celebrate Chinese New Year

The 2013 Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) will begin on January 31st.Tomorrow, I will share about several of the local (NYC) celebrations and events, but I wanted to know how actual Chinese families celebrate. I asked that question to a couple of my friends (Claudia and Yungling) who are from China. Their answers were very similar, so I will share them with you.

1. Traditionally, everyone has to wear new clothes in the New Year…especially red ones. Chinatown has very cute Chinese outfits for kids that cost approximately $20.

2. On New Year’s Eve, parents will give their kids red envelopes with money inside. The kids keep the envelopes (like these “Happiness” Classic Chinese Style Written in Chinese Character ones under their pillow on that night.

3.During the New Year period (the 15-day celebration), families go to visit their relatives. Grandparents, aunts and uncles often give kids red envelopes with money also.

4. Kids are also given lots of candies during family visits. This Chinese Good Luck Candy that comes with red wrappers is a great example.

5. On the fifteenth day of the New Year, families attend a lanterns festival. The kids will either make lanterns or parents will buy them for their kids. Since this year is the “Year of the Snake”, look for lanterns with snake drawings on them.

Below is a slideshow (pictures and videos) of a past Lanterns Festival. Take a look at it with your kids!

A special thanks to my friends (Claudia from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Yungling from Shanghai, China) for sharing their culture with me!


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