Easy Father’s Day Dinner (5-Cheese Lasagna That Will Make Dad Smile)

Easy Father's Day Dinner (5-Cheese Lasagna That Will Make Dad Smile)

Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday. Do you already have dinner plans? We have tentative plans. If it doesn’t rain on Saturday, then my husband Reggie will barbecue over at his dad’s house. In addition to the barbecue, I will probably leave a lasagna for the elder Mr. Coleman’s actual Father’s Day dinner.

Mr. Coleman loves lasagna…almost as much as Garfield. 😊 He especially enjoys a 5-cheese lasagna that I make for him. In addition to the ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses that I normally use, I added shredded Asiago and Romano cheeses. It was so good. I think that it would be a wonderful part of a Father’s Day dinner for the cheese lover dads in your life.

Lasagna Father’s Day Dinner

Although there are a lot of steps, this really is a simple dish to make. If you found this recipe helpful, please share it. In addition, consider signing up for my weekly email newsletter so that you don’t miss future updates. Thanks!

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