How to Make An Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

How to Make An Easy Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Readers have recently been searching for a Shepherd’s pie recipe so I’m sharing this easy shepherd’s pie recipe again.

Since I posted this recipe back in 2016, I have learned that there is an English shepherd’s pie and there is an American one. The British one is usually made with lamb. They would call the version that I make “Cottage Pie” since I make it with ground beef. Whatever you want to call it, many southern people prepare this dish that both adults and kids like to eat.

In my mashed potatoes recipe post, I mentioned the shepherd’s pie that I prepared for a British-themed potluck party. Today, I’m sharing the actual easy shepherd’s pie recipe. I have dubbed it “Savory Shepherd’s Pie” because of a conversation at the party. One of my friends said, “Oh, I like this. It’s very savory.” I’ll take it!

When I decided to make a shepherd’s pie, I went to the online home of one of my favorite British-themed places in New York City, Tea & Sympathy. I love afternoon tea and they have one of the best services in the city along with other main dishes. I looked on their catering menu to see what they included in their version. Their beef shepherd’s pie is served with peas and carrots with mashed potatoes as the pie crust, so that is how I made mine.

To come up with this easy shepherd’s pie recipe, I looked at a *few recipes to see what was consistent across the board (Worcestershire sauce and beef broth or stock) and then just went to work. Here’s what I came up with…

How to make a savory shepherd's pie

Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Recipe Notes

*You can double the amount of beef broth if you like. Personally, I prefer a drier beef for this particular dish.

*I don’t use any type of butter or oil to cook the vegetables or ground beef. They make their own “juice”.

**Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe References: Rachel Ray, Alton Brown, and Simply Recipes

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