7 Most Popular Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Last night, my church held our annual pre-Thanksgiving potluck dinner. I was planning on bringing my “go-to” dish – mac and cheese. Unfortunately, my oven decided to stop working midway through the baking. Since I didn’t have time to prepare anything else, I went to my local Chinese food spot and bought several quarts of … Read More

Thanksgiving Dishes: 7 Soul Food Recipes for Down-Home Comfort

I have been a little quiet the last couple of weeks because I have been working on publishing my new eBook, Soul Food: 31 Easy Recipes for Home Cooks and its accompanying website, Easy Soul Food Recipes. I hope that you will pick up the book (it’s only $4.97) and sign up for the new site’s Readers Recipe … Read More

Simple Southern Deviled Eggs Recipe to Make

Visiting my family in Virginia this past weekend made me think about my simple southern deviled eggs recipe. My husband, sons and I had gone over to my father’s house to eat crabs. (Eating crabs is one of my “must-do” food things when I’m at home.) I had no idea that my mother-in-law had planned … Read More

How to Make Southern Fried Chicken Wings

We had a “women-only” gathering at our church last night in honor of Women’s History Month. After a short message on the book of Ruth, we enjoyed a potluck meal. The potluck featured International Women’s Day recipes so everyone brought dishes from their home country. Since I was born and raised in the south, I … Read More

Easy Comfort Foods to Make for Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is on a  Sunday this year, many restaurants are going to be crowded with rushed service. Skip the crowds and celebrate with a home-cooked meal. I’m a big fan of restaurants overall though, so definitely take a “rain check” on that dining out date! Meanwhile, I want to share the recipes for these … Read More

southern sweet potato casserole

Easy Southern Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (No Nuts)

Since I have been making sweet potato pies lately, I have strayed away from making another favorite sweet potato dish – southern sweet potato casserole. This year, I made both – the pie for my father-in-law and the sweet potato casserole recipe for Reggie and the boys. Sweet potato casserole is a classic Southern comfort food … Read More

Southern Kid-Friendly Summer Recipes: Smoked Chicken Sliders

While I was at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party this past weekend, I went to see Southern Living Test Kitchen Chef Norman King demo one of his favorite kid-friendly summer recipes. My kids tasted samples of his Smoked Chicken Sliders and they both enjoyed them. (That is no small feat since the chicken was … Read More