Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe (Not Too Sweet)

Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe (Not Too Sweet)

I was so confused about the difference between yams and sweet potatoes on Friday.  I had volunteered to bring a dessert to an International Potluck dinner at a friend’s house that night.  Since I was born and raised in America, I decided to make a southern sweet potato pie recipe since it’s a southern favorite. … Read More

Honey Jerk Air Fryer Turkey Legs That Are Easy To Make

As I mentioned in the soul food Thanksgiving recipes post earlier this week, I have been testing a honey jerk turkey recipe. Well, the testing is over and the honey jerk air fryer turkey legs recipe makes an amazing dish! Only two legs fit in my air fryer at a time so I’m not sure … Read More

Mother's May: 7 Gift Ideas for Moms Like Me

Mother’s May: 7 Gift Ideas for Moms Like Me

Since Mother’s Day and my birthday are in May, it is a double celebration month for me each year. I think that all moms need more than one day of being celebrated though. With all of the juggling that we moms have been doing this past year, a month seems about right. Everyone has different … Read More

Really Easy Rhubarb Crisp Bars

Really Easy Rhubarb Crisp Bars Recipe to Make This Spring

I’m so excited that spring is here. I have several recipes to share with you this season. They will be a mix of comfort/soul foods and lighter spring recipes. Since rhubarb is in season during the spring, I want to share a simple rhubarb crisp bars recipe today. This recipe is from the new book, … Read More

5 Best Kitchen Gift Ideas for Home Cooks 2020

5 Best Kitchen Gift Ideas for Home Cooks 2020

I have spent more time in the kitchen in 2020 than in previous years. I actually “wore out” some kitchen staples this year! That is why I’m sharing favorite kitchen gift ideas for fellow home cooks. 1. Purchased in 2020 Back in March, our oven stopped baking for more than 30 minutes. I didn’t feel … Read More

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My “24 for 24” List – Plans and Goals for 2024 Recently, I started listening to the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. On one of her episodes, she talked about a “24 for 24” list – 24 things she wanted to accomplish in 2024, big or small. Instead of setting big goals for this year, I decided … Read More

Why An Accountability Partner is Helping Me Get More Fit

Why an Accountability Partner Is Helping Me Get More Fit

One of the things that I’m moving towards this year is being more physically fit. While I’m healthy according to my doctor, I want to be even more fit before my 45th birthday in May. After 40 your metabolism winds down 5% every 10 years, which means you have to consume fewer calories and work … Read More